My name is Martha I am a creative based in Germany.
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April 2023

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As an artist, I mainly make a living from the sale of originals and individual commissions. My career as a graphic designer and marketing employee still remains my path, and Art is my passion, to which this website is dedicated. Wish to purchase and collect Original paintings? Please, have a look here. More art prints can be found in my Redbubble Shop. While science ever tries to 

explain, and grasp our world rationally, I see my obligations as an artist in the attempt to inspire and create different perspectives that also take into account the spiritual, emotional, and especially pure and honest aspects of being a human being.
I also try to give an impression of the creatures and landscapes around us in the way I understand and see them. 

Digital Art is different but it is none the less art. The software I use is my colour palette and brush. I am painting like I do in traditional techniques such as oil, acrylic or water colour paintings. I don’t like to limit my horizons, that’s why I try many new ways of creating art. Curiosity is the key to creativity. 



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Red Seascape - Art by Martha Laufs marthalaufejart.com

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Tranquillity's Forest Design Booklet
Tranquillity's Forest Booklet Design - 2020

Tranquillity's Forest - Booklet Design

If you love guitars, you should definitely check him out on apple music and spotify. This was quite a personal journey for José and we wanted to make the pictures for the booklet fit the music, kind of making his chords visible. The communication between audience and musician was something José wanted to reflect in the booklet too, so we decided to give the typography certain characteristics to give the impression of whispered words. The images were taken during fall 2019. Perfect time.The cycle of death and birth to which we are all subject. We took photos in Lower Saxony (Germany) and due to the covid pandemic, we picked images via digital communication systems and talked online about the editing and design process. Been fun to work with you. Highly appreciate your music and I feel honored to be part of that journey.

: )

– Thank you!

Portrait Don and Friend
Portrait: Don with Friend (Pencil Drawing) 2016

Don with friend.

This was a commission I truly loved to be part of. This sweet dog in the picture had been a close friend of the young man next to him. Unfortunately, the beloved animal passed away when he was a kid, so he asked me to reunite them in a painting or drawing. We never met but I was able to send him the portrait via mail to the United States. I was so glad that he liked my work and to this, it’s one of my favourite memories when I think about past projects and especially those where I’ve been asked to reunite family members in a single painting. Thank you!

Raben - Painting (Acrylic on Canvas) 2017


Exciting! The given last name of the friendly pair who hired me for this painting was an old german word for raven. They had a very talented daughter who was also into art. That copper-like colour was slightly glittering in the sun. Everything is kept in check of metallic colours. Their name was a descriptive word from the iron age. I also added some olive colours in the deeper layers.

Updates & Changes...

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I am sorry, but I have to announce several changes in my social media behaviour:
I left all of the AI-tolerating platforms and software publishers. In 2023 I also quit most of my social media activities, which contains #facebook #twitter #pinterest.

My #artstation account is now replaced by #inkblot, which do not allow artificial intelligence-generated images on their website and community. 

Instead, I will give you a Newsletter. Early bird discount and first-hand purchase chances on my artwork. 

My digital art is no longer available on martha-art.com.
However, you will be able to purchase a tiny art book in 2024 here.

Love, < 3

April 2023


© Martha Bratumil www.martha-art.com (all rights reserved.) Do not copy or publish my Artwork without my written permission. Thanks.