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Important: During World Wide Covid-19 pandemic I am not taking part in markets, cons and other events, I’m sorry.  Stay Healthy! 🙂

Hi there!

My name is Martha Laufs (Bratumil) I am a creative based in Germany. I graduated from the Design Academy in 2015 and have been working in online marketing as a designer for the last years. Art is my passion, which is why I offer original artwork for your blog, game and other projects. Contact me to find out about my rates and availability. I am currently doing additional work for a few companies in Germany. 

Art remains my first love. I am working on my first artbook. 

Thank you for your support and interest. This means the world to me.

January 2022

Visual Communication

Create: Paper thoughts and visions. 


As an artist, I live mainly from the sale of originals and individual commissions. Besides my career as a graphic designer and marketing employee, this still remains my path and passion, to which this website is dedicated to. Original paintings for sale can be found in the galleries (coming soon). If you would like to purchase my Original Artwork and signed and limited prints, make sure to visit my Etsy Shop. Prints can be found in my Redbubble Shop. 🙂

While science ever tries to explain and grasp our world rationally, I see my obligations as an artist in the attempt to inspire and create different perspectives that also take into account the spiritual, emotional, and especially pure and honest aspects of being a human being. I also try to give an impression on the creatures and landscapes around us the way I understand and see it. 

Digital Art is different but it is none the less art. The software I use is my colour palette and brush. I am painting like I do in traditional techniques such as oil, acrylic or water colour paintings. I don’t like to limit my horizons, that’s why I try many new ways of creating art. Curiosity is the key to creativity. 

High Quality Prints

I also sell my Art on Redbubble or Society6

Good News: Original Artwork

Good news! Since I am unable to attend to any events: I’m currently, building a Shop for you to make this possible. Covid kicked creatives asses. I’m in touch with some other artists and they got a tough time during this pandemic too.
Please support creative people around the world. Thanks 🙂

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