nice to meet you. 

During World Wide Covid-19 pandemic I am not taking part in markets, cons and other events, I’m sorry.  Stay Healthy! 🙂


Hi there!

My name is Martha and I’m a creative based in Germany. I graduated from the design academy (Alsterdamm) in 2015 and have worked in online marketing jobs and as a designer in industries. I offer original artwork as part of your blog, game, and other projects. Contact me and find out about my prices and availability. Currently, I am quite busy working in web design and marketing for a company in Germany. I love to be part of that journey. Art (or whatever it is that I do) will always be my first love, so this website is still a thing, still doing updates and tweeting, etc., and drawing and painting for my first Artbook. I couldn’t stop even if I try. Thank you for your support and interest in my Stuff. This means the world to me. 💜

March 2021

Buy High Quality Prints 🙂

I sell my Art on Redbubble or Society6. Would you like to purchase my original artwork? Have a look at my Shop.


Decorative cushions on Redbubble.com
(40 x40 cm)
from 27,25 €

Barn Owls

Framed art print on Redbubble.com
(30,5 x30,5 cm)
from 121,32 €


Get a metal print on Redbubble.com
(86,2 x60,9 cm)
from 313,38 €

Wise Owl

Get a T-Shirt on Redbubble.com
from 38,20 €

Good News: Original Canvas

Good news! Since I am unable to attend to any events: I’m currently, building a Shop for you to make this possible. Covid kicked creatives asses. I’m in touch with some other artists and they got a tough time during this pandemic too.
Please support creative people around the world. Thanks 🙂

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