My name is Martha, though most people will know me as a variation of the word „Tinta“ or simply MarthaLaufej from DA.

I am a creative, specialized in animal and (dark) fantasy illustration and concept art. Though I have been to an art and design school in Hamburg Germany, I still consider myself self-taught with the help and encouragement of online art communities and the people around me.

You need to be brave to work as a creative. It is a tough business and like every other person, I have to ensure that my bills get paid, is the reason why I have less time than I’d like for personal creative work.

Patreon is a great solution for me to simultaneously share insight into my process, provide feedback to artists and have the financial leeway to dedicate more time to evolve and develop my own styles and create my own artwork too. Scroll down and subscribe to my Patreon Channel for latest artwork and complete tutorials and many, many more.

Also people who are interested in my Artwork will be able to buy a unique piece or have an early „look over my shoulder“ while drawing and finding solutions for any upcoming design problems.

»It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are «
(Edward Estlin Cummings)